The Department of Architecture

Total introduction

The undergraduate program of architecture was established in 1988. The Architecture Department was established in 2003 and the postgraduate program of architecture was established in 2005. The department currently has 19 full-time academic staffs, including 2 professors, 7 associate professors ,3 assistant professors and 4 lecturers. Four of them obtained their Ph.D. degrees from overseas universities, more than 42% academic staffs have overseas research experience. It also has 4 part-time professors and 2 guest professors from other research institutes ,5 guest professors from overseas universities.

In 2007, the Architecture Specialty in this department was officially recognized as a distinctive specialty by the Educational Bureau of the Shaanxi provincial government. The department has passed the national accreditation on the undergraduate program of architecture in 2012.

Main research fields and results

The main direction for development of the discipline is “green, ecological and sustainable architecture”. The academic staff in this department has many research fund projects, including the China National Natural Science Research Fund

In recent years, students in this department have earned awards in a number of national and international design competitions.


Famous professors

Name:LIU Yu



Research Interests

1. Green, ecological and sustainable building design.

2. Building environmental assessment.

3. Decision-making support for sustainable building design.


B.Eng. in Architecture, Tianjin University, 1990

M.Arch., Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, 1996

PhD, University of New South Wales (Australia), 2006


1. 2013 Special Award for Outstanding Achievements in Green Building, China Association of Green Building.

2. 2012 Special Award for Outstanding Achievements in Green Building Design, China Association of Green Building.

3. 2010 Excellent Supervisor Award, in National Competition of Creational Science and Technology for Environmental Protection, China Association for Environmental Protection..

4. 2010 Award for Excellent Teaching Achievements, NPU.

5. 2009 Award for Excellent Teaching Achievements, NPU.

6. 2008 Best Paper Award in the Forum of Environmental Protection, Office of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Xi’an City.

7. 2008 Award for excellent natural science research paper, Shaanxi province.

8. 2008 Award for Outstanding young teacher, NPU.

9. 2007 Award for excellent teaching achievements, NPU.


1. Vice Director, Energy-Saving and Green Building Committee, Building and Civil Engineering Association of Shaanxi Province, China

2. Advisory Board Member, Division of Sustainable Building Systems, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden.

3. Advisory Board Member, Human Settlement Environmental Committee, National Real Estate and Housing Research Group, China.

4. Member, The Architects Society of China.

Name:WU Nong



Research Interests

1. Ecological Architecture Design and Theory

2. Public Building Design and Theory


BSc, Xi'AN University of Architecture and Technology, 1989

MSc, Hokkaido University, 1997

PhD, Hokkaido University, 2000

Selected Publications

1)A Historical Study on Chinese Modern Industrial Architecture for Conservation of Industrial Heritage,International Conference on Industrial Heritage Chengdu, P.R. China, 10-15 October, 2008.

2) The Preservation and Conservation of China’s Underground Yao dong Dwellings,International Symposium on Preservation and Rehabilitation of Old Architecture Oct. 15-19, 2007 Pintung, Taiwan。

3)A survey on energy consumption in rural households in the North Shann xi Province of China,25th PLEA Conference, Dublin,22nd-24th October,2008


Member,The ArchitecturalInstitute of Japan

Institutes or centers

It has established the internationally collaborativeSustainable Building and Environmental Research Institute (SBERI). The external experts are as follows:

Ivo Martinac

Professor, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden

Deo Prasad

Professor, University of New South Wales (UNSW)Australia

Keiko Hirota

A/Researcher, University of New South Wales, Australia

Hitoshi Takeyama

Chief Architect,OM Solar Association, Japan


Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University,Japan

Thomas Campanella

Professor, North Carolina University, America