The Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering (DCE) was founded in 1985.The department aims to provide workable, durable, and affordable solutions to civil engineering, and the corresponding undergraduate and graduate education. It offers two programs for bachelor’s degrees in Civil Engineering,and Traffic Engineering, with three programs for master’s degrees in Civil Engineering (including Structure Engineering and Aerospace Facilities Engineering) and Highway and Railway Engineering. Structure Engineering is a key discipline of the university.

The department has 31 full-time academic members, including 5 professors, 9 associate professors, 1 senior engineer and 16 lecturers and engineers. The famous professors include professor Yao Yao, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Northwestern University (USA).

The main research fields include (1) Safety of multi-scale engineering structures; (2) Advanced electronic packaging and materials; (3) Behavior of structure under high temperatures; (4) Hydraulic fracture; (5) Progressive collapse in the steel and reinforced concreted structures. The institutes of center include: (1) Basic mechanics research center; (2) Civil engineering material research center.