Cooperation and Exchange

The School has always been active in collaborations at home and abroad, and has built stable cooperative relationships withGermany,England,America,Japan,Hong Kong, and other more than 20 overseas universities and research institutions. Since 2008, many professors and scholars from various countries, such as Professor Phillip Jones from Cardiff University (England),ProfessorTaniguchiyuanfromNagoya university (Japan), Professor James Feng fromUniversity of British Columbia (Canada), Professor Wolfgang Hübner from TU Kaiserslautern (Germany),Dr. Baoxing Xu from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA), Professor Li Yiyang from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, have come to our School and hadbrilliantdiscourses on many academic subjects.

Especially, in March 2015,the recruitment team of our School visited the Education Section, Embassy of the People's Republic ofChinainUK, thus further deepening the School’s overseas exchange policy.

Our School has held many kinds of reports and lectures on advanced academic cutting-edge issues and hotspots. These activities play excellent roles in building academic atmosphere, exchanging academic information and promoting academic researches. In addition, we host an international journal " Multi-discipline Modeling in Materials and Structures". And two professors in our School act as four International academic Journal editors, who both have more important influence among the same peer at home and abroad.

The subordinate international joint institutions "sustainable buildings and environment research institute (SBERI)", has established a stable relationship on teaching and scientific research cooperation with countries like Sweden and the United States, international exchange teachers and students are transmitted and received between each other. Many selected students from the Architecture Department have been sent to the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) to conduct their Ph.D. research in the sustainable building and environmental area. It also has signed an agreement with theTokyoMetropolitanUniversity(Japan) on promotion, cooperation, academic exchange, and research activities.

The school usually sends faculties to attend international conferences inGermany,America, and other countries. Meanwhile, many teachers engage in the scientific research intercommunion and cooperation with domestic university. The number of college teachers exchanging abroad and foreign scholars visiting our college reaches more than 30 every year. Students and scholars from all over the world are welcome to study or work at our school for scientific research and other academic activities.