Research Group

Focusing on the mechanical problems in the defense weapon and equipment, the structural engineering problems in the civil engineering field, we form a number of major research teams and areas.

Research Group for the Evaluation and Design of Structural Integrity to Aircraft and Powerplant

Principal:Prof. Zhufeng Yue

Research Field:

The Theory and Method of Strength and Life of Materials,Structures and Systems

The Theory and Application of Life and Reliability of Structure and System

The Theory and Application of Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

The Anti-corrosion Materials, Anti-corrosion Techniques and Their Applications

The Advanced Test Theory and Method

Research Group for Dynamics and Control of the Complex Systems

Principal:Prof. Zichen Deng

Research Field:

The Structure Preserving Method of Nonlinear Dynamics Ÿ

Aerospace Dynamics and Control Ÿ

Physical Wave Propagation in Materials and Structures Ÿ

Lightweight Materials and Structural Optimization Design Ÿ

Multibodies System Dynamics

Research Group for Material and Structural Mechanics Under Extreme Loadings

PrincipalProf. Yao Yao

Research Field:

Multi-scale Mechanical Model

Mechanical Behavior and Constitutive Model of Material and Structural Under Extreme Loading

Analytical Method for 3D Electronic Packaging Structures Under Thermal-electrical-mechanical Loading

Research Group for Nanoscale Physical Mechanics

Principal:Prof. Chun Li

Research Field:

Research on Multi-field Coupling Properties and Mechanisms in Magnetic Nanostructures

Physical Mechanics Research on Functional Materials and Their Nanostructures

Constitutive Models of Materials and Computational Methods for Fracture and Fatigue at Macro and Meso-scale

Research Group for Power cell Material and Strength of Aircraft Structure

Principal:Prof. Fenghui Wang

Research Field:

Fatigue, Fracture and Damage of Aircraft Structure

Chemical-Thermal-Mechanical Coupled Analysis of Power Cell Material

Bio-inspired Nanostructure

Research Group for Institutional Health Monitoring

Principal:Prof. Ziyan Wu

Research Field:

Institutional Health Monitoring

Research Group for Seismic Analysis and Design of the Structure

Principal:Prof. Xunan Zhang

Research Field:

Earthquake-resistant Design of Structure

New Structure Design System

Research Group for Multiphase Flow and Hydrodynamics

Principal:Prof. Xiaopeng Chen

Research Field:

Water Entry with Influences of Wettability

Moving Contact line on Complex Surfaces

Vortex Dynamics and Aeroacoutics

Numerical Methods in Multiphase Flow

Research Group for Structural Dynamics Analysis and Control

Principal:Prof. Yunju Yan

Research Field:

Signal Processing and Fault Diagnosis

Fluid-solid Coupling Analysis and Test in Vibration and Noise

Research Group for Vibration Dynamics Research

Principal:Prof. Xingmin Ren

Research Field:

Vibration and Control of Aero-engine

Rotor Dynamics

Nonlinear Dyanmics and Control