School of Mechanics, Civil Engineering & Architecture

Northwestern Polytechnical University



I. Introduction

Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) is located in ancient capital city of Xi'an. NPU is a research-oriented, multi-disciplinary, and international university of science and technology, which simultaneously excels at aeronautics, astronautics, and marine technology. NPU is the key university in the national 985 Project and 211 Project. The university is affiliated with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and is a member of “Outstanding University Alliance” in China.

As one of the key schools at Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU), the School of Mechanics, Civil Engineering and Architecture (SMCEA) was founded in July 2003. It currently has more than 110 faculties with high academic levels and rich experiences in teaching and research, which include one academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), two professors of Cheung Kung Scholars Program, one professor of “Thousand Young Talents Program”, 4 winners of New Century Excellent Talents Program, 23 professors, and 42 associate professors.

SMCEA consists of three departments: Department of Engineering Mechanics, Department of Civil Engineering, and Department of Architecture, which offers four Bachelor degree programs, ten Master degree programs, three Ph.D. degree programs, and one postdoctoral program. It also has three research institutes: the Institute of Vibration Engineering, the Mechanical Properties of Advanced Materials Testing Center, the Institute of Aircraft Reliability Engineering, and one international collaboration institute: the Sustainable Building and Environmental Research Institute (SBERI).

SMCEA has strong capabilities of research and world-class experimental conditions. It has the National Specialized Laboratory for Dynamics and Strength, and the CSTIND key Laboratory for Aircraft Structural Mechanics and Strength. SMCEA is also one of the six state educational bases of fundamental mechanics for engineering courses in China. Theoretical Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials courses are recognized as the National Excellent Courses, and Elasticity Mechanics course is recognized as the Provincial Excellent Course in Shaanxi province. In recent ten years, SMCEA has undertaken 86 research projects which are supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, published more than 2,000 academic papers, and the research funds accumulated more than 250 million Yuan.

II. Research fields for the open positions

a)       Mechanics: Solid mechanics, General mechanics, Engineering mechanics, and Fluid mechanics.

b)      Civil engineering: Structural engineering, Disaster prevention and mitigation engineering, Bridge and tunnel engineering, Construction of civil engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Computer simulation for civil engineering.

c)       Traffic engineering: Road and railway engineering, Transportation planning and management, Traffic information engineering and control.

d)      Architecture: Architectural design , City planning.

III. Contact

Adress: No. 1 Dongxiang Road, Changan District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province

Tel/Fax: 0086-29-88431000